Inspiring the world to draw!

Hi, my name is Sam Simpson-Morgan and I'm an illustrator and games designer.

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved to draw!

 My mission with Samitomato is to create games that help kids and adults to experience this drawing magic and to inspire the world to draw. This is what led me to design the Samitomato Drawing Game for kids.

Samitomato is a fun creative card drawing game that entertains kids by telling them what to draw. By rolling the dice, they end up with a fun and silly phrase to draw such as; 'a happy pale pink giraffe rollerskating'.

Loved by teachers, children, parents and therapists worldwide, and with over 800 000 hilarious fun drawing options in each Samitomato drawing game pack, your kids 4yrs+ will never be stuck for what to draw again! 

 You'll also find me selling my drawing game at various craft markets, find out where through the contact details and social media links below!

Or buy through our stockists;
Artis Pura - Brisbane
The Play Shop - Indooroopilly Brisbane

*All drawings and drawing game content copyright Samantha Simpson-Morgan

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