This week the spotlight is on London Samitomato stockist, Fresh Art Club!

I had a chat with Fresh founder Anna about her creative kids art business Fresh Art Club and Samitomato. If you're in the UK, you can easily shop for Samitomato through her online shop

Tell me about you and your business?

I run a lively Art Club for children aged 6-12yrs in London, UK. FRESH was started to combine my passion for art and my love of children. I wanted kids to get the chance to do more art and experiment with as many different materials and techniques as possible in a fun and refreshing way.  I needed to do something that also fitted around my then young children (they are now 11 and 14)   

In 2013, I began running lunchtime art clubs as I trained to be a teaching assistant at my children's primary school. These clubs became full pretty quickly and so I added a few after school clubs too... From these beginnings, FRESH has grown into a packed programme of after-school, weekend and holiday art clubs in Ealing, London UK.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about all things creative, loving life and enjoying the small things, my family and community. 

How do you use Samitomato drawing games in your art business?

I have been using Samitomato every week throughout my afterschool and weekend clubs for the past 2 years and the kids all love it. I like it because the drawing ideas are so crazy and fun, the enthusiasm is there from the get go, they share ideas about how they are drawing their crazy sentences, they laugh and bond with each other through playing Samitomato. We call it 'going to the art gym' to grow our art brains strong and healthy. I also love that  it can be played by kids and adults, is totally portable and can be whipped out of a bag or pocket to play at any time. 

What are your plans for 2021 and beyond?

Plans for the future... I was about to launch a teenage club, FRESH Foundations just as the pandemic hit in March. I will be re-launching this as soon as life gets back to normal next year. I've also just opened an online art shop selling Samitomato alongside all the materials tried and tested by the FRESH kids over the years, I'd like to grow this online retail side of FRESH. Other than that, trying to stay happy and healthy, YOLO.

Thanks Anna for being such a great supporter and ambassador of Samitomato drawing games and congratulations on your growing art business! Here's wishing you a wonderful Christmas season and much cheerier 2021!

If you'd love to stock Samitomato drawing games in your shop or creative workshops, please message me here to apply, cheers, Sam x